Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

If you have ever had any negative marks on your credit score, even a small one such as not paying a few bills on time, you may have a difficult time finding a lender to finance a car loan for you. Lenders have become increasingly stringent with borrowers, and for a good reason. Also, depending on your credit score, you may find that lenders will charge much higher interest rates to borrowers with less than perfect credit. If you have experienced any of these situations, you know first hand how difficult getting a car loan can be. There may be a solution, however.

Enter the buy here pay here car lots. Car dealers know many good people can have less than desirable credit scores but still need a car. They know that things can happen to everyone, and they have a way these people can still buy a car without getting a loan from a traditional lender. Normally, car dealers have established relationships with lenders to help their customers get car loans. The buy here, pay here car lots allow people with bad or no credit to purchase a car without getting a traditional loan. The dealer becomes the lender.

Dealers know that if they are willing to take a calculated risk, they can do business with buyers who have credit problems. Here is how it works: when you purchase a car from a buy here pay here car lot, you will make your payments directly to the car dealer or their appointed designee. You may make payments directly on the premises or another place designated by the dealer. Since the dealer is the lender, they will make their own borrower stipulations. Since each dealer can make their own stipulations, you will need to check with each one for all the details. You should check with the dealer first, so you can bring all the required documentation. Among the things the dealer may require are:

• A down payment
• Advance payments
• Proof of income
• References
• Proof of insurance
• Proof of address

There are advantages with this type of arrangement. Obviously, it makes buying a car possible for many people with credit problems. The details of your arrangement, such as the repayment period, may be negotiable with the dealer. You may not have to deal with a lending agency with which you have no familiarity. Often, payments are made directly to the car dealer, and upon pay-off, you have established a long-term relationship for future needs. This makes it a great opportunity to start rebuilding your credit as long as the dealer reports to the credit bureaus. Check with your dealer. For some people, it may actually be more convenient making a weekly payment versus making one larger lump-sum payment per month. You may find some buy here pay here car lots who accept trade-ins. Some of these dealers offer the convenience of online credit application and approval, as well.

Of course, there are disadvantage to this arrangement that you should consider. Some dealerships may require a weekly or bi-weekly payment. It can be an inconvenience to make a weekly payment, especially if you have to stop in at the car lot every time. You may want to consider a dealer who is close to you for that reason. Keep in mind that you may end up paying a higher interest rate, which translates into more money spent over the life of the loan. Just like a traditional loan, default could end up on your credit report. It is important to understand all the terms of your arrangement and obligations before making a decision.

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Truck Games: Monster Power

If you have ever had the urge to drive a huge four wheel drive truck while crushing objects beneath your beefy tires, you no longer have to sit and daydream anymore. With the evolution of today’s truck games, the opportunity to command a virtual truck is now within your reach. There are so many new games that are available on the market, with new games being developed constantly. Some of the more common hallmarks of these games include monster truck action, navigating various obstacles, slipping and sliding through the mud and of course, fighting to control your monstrous truck against the elements to make sure that it goes where you want it to, when you want it to.

There are a lot of free online truck games that you can try out online before you decide to purchase one. These games are usually available in a trial version, but are still a ton of fun to experiment with. Rage Truck is a simple but amusing game that will allow you to take your aggression out on the course. It requires very little equipment; you simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to steer the truck and the space bar to change the direction of the truck. Watch as your truck is able to jump over obstacles and do flips and tricks just by using your keyboard.

Demolish Truck is another internet truck game that involves being able to drive around obstacles. With Demolish Truck, you will need to collect stars for points and destroy the cars below you with your huge truck. Striving for the next high score makes this game all the more fun and addicting.

Many of these games have some very impressive graphics that seem to really come alive on your screen, which make you feel like you are truly sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck. Modern graphics have come a long way from the now nearly prehistoric Atari game systems that were all the rage in the 80’s. From mud splatters to four wheeling, it becomes easy to visualize yourself behind the wheel of one of these monsters. You can observe the game action from different points of view in many of these games, which further enhances your gaming experience. Some games allow you to see through the windshield of the truck while you are navigating obstacles, while others give you a bird’s eye view of the action below. A few games will let you switch between different views during the game to make the game that much more fun. A few truck games allow you the option of using a manual transmission to control your vehicle. This option is only recommended for those with the highest level of dexterity and focus.

Excite Truck is a Wii console game that is fast paced and enjoyable. There is just enough play in the truck steering to make you feel like you just might lose control of the truck, which further adds to the excitement of this game. As one would expect with a Wii game, tilting the controller helps to enhance the game action, resulting in better pitch control and rotations. With Excite Truck, you will need to make sure that the engine of your truck stays cool, which can be accomplished by flying through the air or pouring water over the engine block.

One of the best things about playing these games is that you get to have all of the fun without compromising safety. When playing a game, you don’t have to worry about safety. You can operate your truck any way you choose to without worrying about any of the consequences- what can be better than that? In addition, you won’t have to clean the caked mud off of your clothing or vehicle when you are done playing. It’s like having all of the fun without any of the commitment.

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Dirt Bike Games

For all those dirt bike or ATV enthusiasts out there, they undoubtedly not only love to race in real life, but enjoy playing this Dirt Bike Game on their video gaming consoles. There are numerous games out there that promise to give enthusiasts the real feel of riding, however, as with everything, some fall short of the spectacular mark.

One of the best dirt bike games out there is ‘MX vs. ATV Untamed’. This game is available for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii. It was developed by Rainbow Studios and is very similar to one of the earlier games called ‘Excitebike 64′ for the Nintendo 64 that received rave reviews for gamers. This game allows for players to play in head to head races in which is filled with jumps and extreme speed. One of the more interesting faucets of this game is that it allows up to 12 players to play on the many interesting tracks. In addition, it has over 50 jumps and tricks that racers can perform whether they are playing in the freestyle mode or the racing mode. What makes the games in this series so awesome is the fact that the moves that the riders make are based on actual bikers. The game uses a revolutionizing technology to make sure that the jumps and movements are as life like as you can get.

The game ‘MX vs ATV Reflex’ is yet another one of the dirt bike games that most users praise. This game is very similar to the previous game mentioned, however, takes the graphics a step further in which it allows for real time track deforms. Meaning that if you make a huge donut in the track, you will find yourself having to dig out and when you come back around to that spot in the track, it will still be there, giving a more realistic feel to the game. The game has also taken the various terrains, such as mud, sand, snow and so on and made them much more realistic.

For those that prefer to play dirt bike games on the computer, there are several games to choose from as well. However, these games are not as detailed when it comes to the bikes or the courses, simply because they do not utilize the same technology. One of the best Internet games for dirt bikes or ATVs is Braapi Motocross which has decent graphics for a computer game. Opponents race against one another for cash, meaning that you must have some skills when it comes to computer play or you will lose. It only contains one lap that is full of speed, jumps and turns.

Of all the games out there, the best are for those specific gaming consoles simply because more time and effort are put into the design of these games. In addition, these games offer hours of play time, whereas computer games found online only offer a few laps or a limited time at best. Plus, those games for the console enable players to save data and just to get more fun out of the game.

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Fishing Games

Most people have at least one fisherman in the family or amongst their close friends, one angler who lives, breathes, and eats fishing. These people come in all shapes and sizes,  young and old,  novice and pro , those  that can tell you exactly what gear they were using, what the water conditions were like and have their catch mounted on the wall, and those who seem to spin a yarn with a lot less detail but just as much passion about the monster they caught back some 20 years ago. The one things that all of these anglers have in common is their passion for the sport and determination to participate even when weather, location and season doesn’t permit, and by this I mean fishing games.

Fishing games are available online for free and range from very simple flash animation games which are extremely suitable for kids and adults alike to games which are very realistic and can be quite challenging as well. These games allow the player to take on large mouth bass in the dark water lakes and streams of North American or set your sights on the  river monsters of the amazon. The very detailed 3D graphics in some of the fly fishing games can fool you into thinking your really there with there true feel and very real physics based control style. These types of games can requires quite a bit of skill and an abundance of game play to excel and move through the levels.

The more serious fishing game connoisseur may opt for one of the extremely popualar titles available for for all of the major brand gaming systems. These titles include best selling games such as Bass Pro Shops Trophy Bass 2007 for Xbox, Rapala Tournament Fishing for the Nintendo Wii system, Fisherman’s Bass Club for Play Station 2, and Trophy Bass for Windows PC computers. Most of these games give you the ability to participate is complete fishing tournaments, play against your own best times and scores or just go fishing for fun. These higher level fishing games include photo realistic underwater environments displaying crisp and utterly amazing detail and can allow you to experience a world of fishing of all kinds from the comfort of your own living room. Just imagine, no more bugs, no more sunburns, pick the type of fish, location, type of water, or style of fishing that you love or try something you’ve never tried before.

Fishing games are fun, challenging and allow the player to enjoy his or her sport anywhere anytime. So grab your controller, put up the “Gone Fishing” sign and enjoy your favorite fishing games.

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